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Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care by Michael Herkes

Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care by Michael Herkes


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Infuse magic into self-care with restorative spells and remedies

Prepare to intertwine the vital energy of witchcraft with the healing power of self-care. This collection of spells and remedies lights the way, designed to nourish the mind and body every day. With each ritual, anyone can build an empowered self-care system anchored in the practice of magic.

Discover the ultimate witches’ self-care book with:

  • Witchcraft for the whole self—Each daily ritual focuses on a different facet of life, from romantic relationships to professional success, and explores how witchcraft inspires reflection, creativity, and mindfulness.
  • 90 enchanting rituals—Try out a Fluorite Crystal Meditation that clears the mind, a Detoxifying Body Brew that banishes energy blockages, a Happy Home Mist that invites good vibes into any living space, and more.
  • Inclusive guidance—Whether this book is the first foray into magic or just part of an existing practice, any witch can learn to tap into their power and master self-care.


Build a magical care routine and live a more balanced life with Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care.

Paperback.  212 Pages.  2021