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Botanical Colour at your Fingertips by Rebecca Desnos

Botanical Colour at your Fingertips by Rebecca Desnos


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Do you love plants? Do you love crafting? Would you like to dye your own fabric, yarn or clothing?Learn the relaxing art of botanical dyeing with natural dyer, Rebecca Desnos. Connect with nature and open your eyes to the colour potential of plants.Discover how to:• produce a wide palette of colours, including pink from avocados, yellow from pomegranates and coral from eucalyptus leaves.• extract dye from just about any plant from the kitchen, garden or wild.• use the ancient method of soya milk mordanting to achieve rich and long-lasting colour on plant fibres, such as cotton and linen.• produce reliable colours that withstand washing and exposure to light.If you enjoy sewing, knitting or any other fibre craft, this is the book for you.

Rebecca Desnos is a natural dyer who lives in England. Her passion lies in sharing her surprisingly simple methods with others. Well known on Instagram for dyeing with avocado skins, Rebecca shares her daily experiments with thousands of crafters all over the world. Due to much demand, she embarked on a journey to bring her popular eBook ‘Botanical Colour at your Fingertips’ to paperback. Rebecca has a varied background in linguistics and interior design, and has been a crafter since her early childhood. Now, as a mother, she finds that plant dyeing is the perfect antidote to busy life. She fills her bag with plants wherever she goes, always in search of new colours. She can usually be found tending to her dye pot in the kitchen.

Paperback.  106 pages.  2016