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Lemon Calendula Soap

Lemon Calendula Soap

Fox Farm Apiary


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Invite the sun into your kitchen or shower with Fox Farm's Lemon Calendula soap. Resinous calendula flowers, grown at Fox Farm, add cheer and skin nourishing goodness to this lovely soap, while lemon peel helps to ground its sparkling citrus scent, and add an element of light exfoliation.

Made with Fox Farm’s own beeswax, skin-loving oils, and Fair Trade Shea butter to create a nourishing soap that leaves your skin soft and dewy.

Fox Farm Apiary is based in Hudson Valley, New York. They combine over a decade of beekeeping experience with certified aromatherapy to create award-winning natural products.

Our founder discovered Fox Farm Apiary on a road trip through the Hudson Valley, and immediately fell in love with their soaps.