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Mini Basket Workshop September 17th 10am - 6pm

Made By: Event

Mini Basket Workshop September 17th 10am - 6pm

Made By: Event

Made By: Event

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Come learn how to make these little basket gems! Beginning basket makers and those with no experience are welcome and encouraged to sign up for this one day basketry workshop. During the workshop students will make two baskets.

The first step in this mini basket workshop starts with a demonstration of how to establish the basket base from the beginning. After this students will receive a pre-started basket base and start weaving their first basket. The second basket will be started from scratch by students while the techniques are fresh at hand! The baskets are made from round reed employing over/under and twining weaving techniques. Ample hands on attention will be given to each student during both weaving projects.

Students will learn through their experience the following:

-How to shape the basket

-Methods to use for tension and hand placement with the weaving materials

-Useful basketry tools

-How to select weaving materials for future projects

-Dyeing and finishing round reed baskets

Additional workshop information:
-Adult workshop 18 years and up

-Some hand strength is required.

-Students strongly encouraged to bring a sack lunch.
-All tools provided for use during the workshop.

-All weaving materials are supplied and prepared for this project.
-Weaving supply catalogs for students to keep.

-Students will receive a 2 page prepared handout with the materials punch list and other suggestions for books and finishing supplies.
-During lunch Peeta will give a brief 15 minute presentation about her basket work. 

 The fee includes both instruction and weaving materials.

Peeta Tinay grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was born into a family of creatives: her father a chemist by day and a jeweler by night, her mother a dietitian and watercolor painter . Art work from both parents and their friends filled the house throughout her childhood. Her grandfather was an inventor, keeping a fully functional foundry and pattern shop behind the family home. Roaming through his old work buildings was always an adventure. This early creative environment was fertile ground through which she came of age and discovered her life’s work.
From 1990 to 2000 at The Caning Shop in Berkeley California she was introduced to techniques involved in the restoration of wicker furniture. In 2000 a move to Washington state gave a fresh start motivating her to branch out. She continued restoring and also started making wicker pieces from the ground up using 1920's wicker as inspiration. Starting in 2008 she veered hard into making large scale intricate baskets and hasn’t looked back since. Peeta teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced level basketry workshops both nationally and internationally