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TAROT 101: The Beginners Guide to Tarot at 05 Jun 21 10:45 PDT
TAROT 101: The Beginners Guide to Tarot at 05 Jun 21 10:45 PDT

TAROT 101: The Beginners Guide to Tarot at 05 Jun 21 10:45 PDT


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Botanicalife is pleased to offer TAROT 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Tarot workshop for our community members this Spring! If you are fascinated by the cards but simply have had no idea where to begin in your own personal Tarot journey, this workshop is for you! This 90 minute workshop is a simple, yet comprehensive and interactive introduction to the Tarot. In it you will learn: How to cleanse and activate your deck Set sacred space to perform your first personal readings The basic structure of the deck as well an introduction to the elemental correspondences to the four suits and court cards. A simple strategy to begin reading Tarot intuitively and immediately. Practical tips and custom curated tools (downloadable worksheets and journal pages) to incorporate Tarot into your daily wellness practices. 3 simple take-home Tarot spreads to practice with Your Tarot 101 instructor is Halicue Hanna. Halicue is the owner of The Gilded Apsara and is our Tarot Reader-In-Residence here at Botanicalife. Halicue is an intuitive empath and clairsentient who brings over fifteen years of professional experience as a women’s crisis counselor and advocate to her Tarot and Akashic Records practice. She picked up her first deck in 1995 and has been in love with Tarot ever since. Halicue is a joyful and enthusiastic teacher who relishes interactivity and seeks to help each student develop their own unique and personal relationship with their decks. And as an added bonus and with the class’ permission, Halicue will share an oracle reading for the entire class and a one-card reading for each workshop participant! Don’t miss this amazing workshop designed exclusively for the Botanicalife community! For maximum fun and interactivity we must cap the workshop at 30 participants so register at the link below to save your spot!