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Truly Easy Tarot by Manits

Truly Easy Tarot by Manits


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Truly Easy Tarot helps any modern tarot reader distill a deep and layered practice into concise teachings, no matter their experience level. The power to draw wisdom and guidance from your deck is now within reach, and the tarot’s enlightenment is yours to behold.

Within these pages, you'll unearth straightforward meanings for all 78 tarot cards, and a clear understanding of how the cards' meanings and positions interact with each other. You can even try your hand at readings right away, with illustrations and insights for 20 different card spreads that you can perform for yourself or interpret for others.

Truly Easy Tarot includes:

  • Practice makes perfect―The card spreads increase in complexity from single card readings to multiple card setups like the Celtic Cross and the Horseshoe, so you can progress at your own pace.
  • From major to minor―This tarot tome doesn’t skimp, covering both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.
  • Brief background―Explore the tarot’s history, from its origins as a card game to its rise as a method of divination, teaching, and personal growth.

Discover the mystery and magic of the tarot with an uncluttered reference guide that anyone can use.

Paperback.  248 Pages.  2020