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Wee Unicorn Tumbler

Wee Unicorn Tumbler


Color Rose

Only 3 left in stock

These magical cups were designed for dreamers off all ages! 


About Gleena

"Gleena" means "clay" in Russian. Gleena’s organic shapes, soft sugary colors, and imagery are inspired by Asya’s childhood summers spent at grandma’s country house outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. Surrounded by carefully tended gardens and apple trees, the country house was a gathering place for family and friends. Influenced by her Russian upbringing and her background in graphic design, Asya merges classical and modern to develop objects with a purity of form that compel people to touch and use them.

Gleena porcelain is dishwasher safe, but not recommended for the microwave. That said, nothing will happen to it right away besides getting really hot. However, frequent microwave use will shorten the life of your piece, and hairline cracks will develop.

Hand poured porcelain made in Cleaveland, Ohio.