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About Us

What is Botanicalife?

Do you know the feeling that you get - walking at golden hour amongst plants, intoxicated by the sound of their gentle whispers? Listening to the magical language of the leafy spirits, fostering a  peaceful moment of profound, heartfelt connection with nature’s untamed gardens. Our goal is to infuse this tender sentiment into everything we do here at Botanicalife.   

The collections at Botanicalife are inspired by the magic of plants.  Our organic herbal apothecary offers dried herbs, teas, tinctures, potions, elixirs and essences. Our skin and body care selection is clean, green and beautifully plant-powered. We hope to support you in your grounding daily rituals with a curated selection of crystals, candles and teaware.  We offer wonderfully useful tools for greener, more earth-conscious living.  Our deep love and honor for the handmaker has shaped our collection of organically inspired ceramics and jewelry.

Our mission is to provide people with empowering tools to enrich the quality of their lives and communities. Our vision is to create a safe space to share the gifts of holistic healing, and to embrace the magic of these earth-inspired ancient remedies, traditions and treasures. We support holistic community care and inclusion through education and participation.
Our founder, Sandy Siegal, has a background in art and design, holistic nutrition, and herbal medicine. Her lifelong deep connection with plants inspired the creation of Botanicalife. Her daughter, Rita Tolkach, works in sustainable fashion and is a consultant and curator at Botanicalife.