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Growing at Risk Medicinal herbs by Rich Cech

Growing at Risk Medicinal herbs by Rich Cech


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This second edition was rewritten and published in 2017. A compendium of information about 20 native herbs of North America and Hawaii, with an emphasis on conservation through cultivation.

Richo Cech started his professional work as an archaeologist and ethnobotanist in East Africa. Upon his return to the United States in 1978, he began cultivating and saving the seed of medicinal plants. Over the years, his gardens have become the basis for Strictly Medicinal Seeds, growers of organic, open pollinated and GMO-free seed and plants of medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, succulents, trees and garden vegetables. Richo and his family produce a popular, bi-yearly, hand-illustrated seed catalog that provides access to this collection of common, quirky, eclectic, and bizarre seeds and plants. Richo is author of “Making Plant Medicine” (2000), “Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs” (2002), and “The Medicinal Herb Grower” (2009). Richo has botanized in China and Africa, resulting in the introduction of many new and exciting medicinal herb species to gardeners throughout the world.

Paperback 324 pages 2017