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PETAL by Adriana Picker

PETAL by Adriana Picker


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A compendium of floral wonder, Petal reveals the colors, details and unique sculptural beauty of nature’s most remarkable creations.
Botanical artist Adriana Picker has curated specimens from all over the world to celebrate through her stunning illustrations, accompanied by writer Nina Rousseau's words on the folklore, fame and meaning of both favorite blooms and herbaceous curiosities.
Petal features over two hundred flowers from twenty-seven plant families – from elegant roses to otherworldly orchids and magnificent magnolias – as well as a dedicated chapter for unusual specimens. 

Adriana Picker is an Australian-born illustrator who currently resides in New York City. At the heart of her work is a lifelong passion for flowers, which she manages to find wherever she goes.

As an illustrator, artist and designer, her work encompasses the diverse fields of publishing, fine arts, film and advertising.

Hardcover 256 pages 2020