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Little Sunset Incense Dish

Little Sunset Incense Dish


Only 2 left in stock

The perfect little dish for jewelry or incense cones. 

Incense sold separately.

Kara Pendl is the designer, artist and creative director behind Karacotta Ceramics, based in Austin, TX. Kara is a {mostly} self taught potter, with early instruction from a high school art class, a hobby exploration in 2011, and a lifetime of creative curiosity. 

A Wisconsin native, Kara grew up exploring in the woods, adventuring in nature, and creating with organic materials - these experiences heavily influence the unique aesthetic and processes in the body of her work. 

Karacotta Ceramics are foremost designed with functionality in mind; each piece is handmade to achieve a simple, modern, organic aesthetic.  This unique craftsmanship ensures no two pieces are created exactly the same, with slight variations in shape, size and glaze.