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Intuitive Tarot Reading
Intuitive Tarot Reading

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Date September 30
Time 3:30

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Our Tarot sessions are thoughtfully curated to meet each client's unique needs. The Botanicalife intuitive Tarot reading begins with a smokeless space cleansing, your choice of deck, and the option to incorporate crystals and fresh botanicals. Whether you are navigating a major life decision or need help juggling daily tasks and decisions, Halicue's goal is to provide mindful, heart-led guidance that helps you gain clarity, calm, and peace of mind. If you would like a 60 minute session, just select and purchase two consecutive sessions.

Halicue is an intuitive Tarot advisor and Akashic Records guide. She provides holistic, immerse readings that beautifully combine her Tarot expertise, intuitive and healing gifts with the unique richness of her ancestral lineage and culture. Before bringing her gifts to Botanicalife she worked as an expert and experienced women’s crisis counselor for over fifteen years. Sessions are held in store and tickets are non refundable.

Halicue is a Leo and Sagittarius Moon and she brings all of the sunshine, warmth and adventurous, exploratory energies associated with those astrological placements into her readings. She delights in all client queries and she specializes in helping women recover and heal from abusive relationships and toxic environments.

“The Tarot is a powerful, centuries-old instrument of divination that I use to help empower and embolden women. It’s an ancient tool and art form that really is the modern woman’s secret weapon! I love its power to help women gain clarity, reclaim their personal power and receive their own deep inner wisdom.” Halicue Hanna