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Under Luna Shampoo

Under Luna Shampoo

Under Luna

Style Sweet Baby Orange
Size 2oz

Only 2 left in stock

Under Luna was created to fill a void in the haircare market: natural shampoo and conditioners that are just as effective and luxurious as commercial ones, but without all the scary chemicals. Crafted with Ayurvedic and Native American herbs, oils, and plants, the formula is authentic, healing and transformative.


The Warrior Shampoo revitalizes scalp health while soothing dryness or irritation, rebalances oil production, brings back elasticity and encourages hair growth.

Scented with essential oils of sustainable harvested sage and lemon. The scent is mood-boosting while promoting harmony, peace and balance.

Sweet Baby

A gentle, tear-free formula for the whole family, loved by babies (6 months+) and adults as well.

Scented with lavender and sweet orange, safe and effective.


Free of all scents and essential oils for adults with sensitivities or to cleanse our newborns and babies. made with nutrient-rich nettle leaf, scalp healing plantain, and soothing chamomile + calendula. it's loved by all.